Get the support needed to live independently

Supported accomodation for participants in NSW, QLD and VIC.

How can we help the participant?

Experienced support workers

All our support workers receive professional training and have experience working in disability care.

Compatibility and pairing

We match the participants based on common interest, age brackets and support needs.

Convenient location

Our properties are in prime locations and close to local shops, communities and venues.

Programming and entertainment

Did someone say activities, social sports, TV, board games and more? Bring on the fun.

Modified homes for accessibility and safety.

Highly secure rooms, modified living rooms and bathrooms for the participants.

Meet Jamie

Jamie joined Disability Quality Services early 2020. He worked in the army before retirement for over 30 years. Jamie currently stays in one of our properties in NSW. He enjoys activities and games

Partner with Disability Quality Services


We take compliance seriously. Every SIL home has an office where we keep all the essentials documents with routinely checks.


Stay informed and updated about the participant’s progress with us. We send monthly reports to families and support coordinators.

Expert Team

Work with a team of Consultants, Support Workers and Allied Health professionals who have years of experience with disability care.

“The team was so easy to work with. They were proactive, knew all about SIL and found the perfect property for our participants.”

Emily Davis, Support Coordinator

“Professional, responsive and organised. Glenn always went above and beyond for the participant and always on top of it all.

Jordana Rajesh, Support Coordinator

How does it work? (For Support Coordinators)

Step 1 - Enquiry and initial meeting

Once you enquiry with us, our team will reach out to set up a zoom meeting with you and one of our SIL consultants. In the meeting, our team will learn more about the participant, what their goals and needs are and set clear expectations for how we can help.

You can enquiry via:

Step 2 - Property search and transfer documents

Immediately we will begin scouting for a suitable property if there isn’t one vacant in the state you’re after. You will receive our Letter of Offer and be asked to send us the participant’s documents including: OT Report, Behaviour Management Plan and a copy of their NDIS plan. You will also need to fill out a Participant Intake Form and a SIL enquiry form for our team.

Download Participant Intake Form

Download SIL Enquiry Form

Step 3 - Visit the property and transition plan

Once we find a suitable property based on the participant’s needs, we will organise a time with you and the participant or a home
inspection. Our will also draft and send over a Transition Plan, a Submission Tool and a Roster of Care for the guardian.

Step 4 - Lease and service agreement

Once the guardian confirms the Transition Plan, our team will send over a lease and service agreement for the Participant or their guardian to sign.

Step 5 - Furnishing the property

Upon signing of the lease and service agreements, our team will consult with the Participant and decorate and furnish the property
based on their preference.

Step 6 - Induction & Move into the property

When the furnishing is complete, an induction will be held. The Participant and their guardian will meet the team of Support Workers. After the induction, pack your bags and say hello to your new home!